Clash Royale is a hit and rightly so completely. But how will you having to buy well in the game without real money treasuries and precious stones?

Clash Royale tips
In our review of the best Android games from March Clash Royale was in the first place. The game is also a hit in the rankings from Google Play. To much to win it seems like you have to spend real money, but that is not the case. The short multiplayer jars offer a lot of room for applying different strategies and there are clever ways to access free boxes. Follow these tips if you want to win without spending money. Clash Royale Hack Cheats

Join a clan
Clash Royale is a spin-off of the popular Clash of Clans. As its name suggests, the clans in this game are very important and at Clash Royale is no different. 1000 gold you can start your own clan, but you can add your better an existing clan. This is useful because you can ask specific questions as to your clansmen. If they have that card over, they can give you when they get there themselves gold and experience points. Please also ask for your clansmen, otherwise you get nothing back, of course. In a clan, you can also chat and friendly pots play against your clansmen, which anyway is fun to do.

Pick up any free box
In Clash Royale you want as much as possible open chests. There are several ways to optimize the number of boxes that you get. For example, make sure you always have a chest at the opening are in the bottom row of boxes. Open the `golden coffins at night so you do during the day as much as possible to open silver chests. Do not forget every eight hours to open the two free boxes at the upper left.

Do not start first
When starting a new game you have a tendency to want to start quickly. The problem with this is that if the opponent knows your attack to stop and then quickly make a counter-attack, you do not have more elixir to stop this. Before you know it is your first tower already within half a minute. A good strategy is to wait for what the other is doing and react to it. Gonna himself later in the attack? It is often for the same reason not smart to spend all your elixir. Wait major attacks until the minute is up, because you'll earn back faster issued elixir.